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  1. Anne Chiew wrote on

    Great write up! It’s so good I’m just going to print it out and present it to my team for my wrap-up of SMX coverage next week :)

    Agree on the level of content.. shame to bring out the international speakers to only sell us the benefits of search (when obviously we know how good it is.. otherwise we wouldn’t be at SMX)

    Hopefully next year the Advanced Stream will be in the Crystal Ballroom & they find a sponsor for dodgem cars.. it’s bloody expensive at Luna Park :P

    Otherwise big tip of the hat to Barry and his team for putting on another great SMX Sydney. The only Oz conference anyone interested in SEM should attend.

  2. Burgo wrote on

    Wowsers… nice write up mate! One thing that I think deserved mentioning too… the coffee was great, wasn’t it? Heh :P

  3. Lucas Ng wrote on

    Thanks Glenn. It was good to meet in the flesh – you are even more awesome IRL than online!

    I agree with cry for ‘more advanced’ sessions. It was a pleasant surprise to see how packed the advanced sessions were this year – the Aussie industry has matured in leaps and bounds in the past 12 months :)

  4. Neerav wrote on

    No one mentioned the great food, i thought all the morning tea/ lunch & afternon tea choices were great especially the chocolate cake & slices :)

  5. Barry Smyth wrote on

    Thanks Glenn,

    What a great write up & I agree with you on the content, but trying to cater for everyone and keeping the whole agenda flowing is a difficult job, but one we are getting better at doing this, I also think this was our best agenda by far.

    We are looking at the idea of having some sessions programmed by consensus for next year, letting the industry decide what topics should be in the advanced track.

    And I agree with your other commentators here, this year was the best food we have had in three years & it took a whine from me to Luna Park to get a menu change, so it was worth complaining.

    See you next year.


    @chiewy – I’ll get you a ride FREE pass for SMX Sydney 2010, might be a good sponsorship opportunity for someone.

  6. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Barry. Thanks for your comment. I truly do understand how hard it must be to cater to all audiences. And so did everyone else I spoke to. All the feedback I’ve heard has been very positive.

    Nonetheless, I really like your idea of incorporating industry input in your programming. I’d love to see that!

    Thanks again for a great couple of days. (And I agree, the food was great.)


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  8. David Temple wrote on

    Great to meet you Glenn, thanks for the ebook it was excellent! My son is learning internet marketing and this is the first thing I’ll have him read. Didn’t get to go on the rides at Luna Park. The boat ride was enough for me, lol. I’m sure there will be more advanced subjects at SMX 2010 but what I want to know is, where are the flying cars they always told me would be around then?

  9. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Note that in Rand’s latest Whiteboard vid, he appears to have revised his trustworthiness percentages (or I just copied them down wrong during his SMX preso!).

    The revised figures are:
    1 link away from a trusted seed = 0.01% likely to be spam
    2 links away = 1.2% likely to be spam
    3 links away = 4.7% likely to be spam (although he seems a little unsure – it may, in fact, be ~14%)

  10. seo sydney wrote on

    I have heard that SMX have taken the unprecedented step of removing ALL “Basic” content from the SMX Sydney 2010 Agenda. This allows them to add more than 36 Intermediate to Advanced level training sessions to SMX Sydney, giving you more advanced content than ever before, and they have added more Pay per Click content into the agenda in 2010.

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