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  3. seo adviser wrote on

    ebooks now just $10 amazing price i appreciate your feeling for mothers day

  4. Linda wrote on

    Hi, Glynn. I just started reading “SEO Secrets”. One of the things about I really like about it so far is the “For more information …” section, helping the reader to really focus in on the topic. That’s very thoughtful. I can’t wait to get further into the book to see what other goodies await :) – Linda

    PS: 2 for $20 – great price!

  5. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Linda. Thanks for the feedback. That’s very encouraging. :-) Glad you’re finding it useful.

  6. Linda wrote on

    What I appreciate about Step 2 of SEO Secrets is the comparison of three of the main keyword analysis tools. Being a student of creating an income online, I found the pros/cons description of each tool very helpful.

    I already knew about WordTracker. What I did not know is how they compile the information they provide to the consumer. So why choose WordTracker? You are a copywriter Glynn, so the benefit to you in not missing important words is understandable, though you don’t seem particularly enthused about using it. Are there no comparable competitors?

    Nevertheless, how I would benefit from the paid version of WordTracker is a point for further research on my quest to earn a living online.

    I also enjoyed the text on searcher intent – something I have not run across before as much of what I have read is just focused on choosing key words. “Searcher intent” is an additional aspect of keyword research that really brought home to me the importance of developing a purpose for each blog/website in the pre-planning stages.

    And last, I found the side bit about the thesaurus pretty interesting.

    Well until later – Linda

  7. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Linda. Personally, I think you can get all the info you need from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. For most businesses anyway. I suspect if you’re in travel or something highly competitive like that, it might be worth your while investing in WordTracker or WordStream or something similar. I’m not a hardcore keyword analyst though, so there’s no doubt benefits to the paid tools I haven’t discovered, even for a small biz.

  8. Akash Kumar wrote on

    Hello Glenn,

    I have been a big fan of your articles and copywriting skills. I had read your ebook years back when it was free and consider it to be one of the best SEO books on the internet. Although I haven’t read the new versions of book recently but I really look forward to read it. But I always feel that you provide the one of the greatest stuff on SEO.

    So thanks for the all the hard work you have put into writing this book, because it is one of the first few books that inspired me to read more and more about SEO.

    Thanks again.

  9. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Akash. Thanks for your kind words. Very nice of you!

  10. seo agentur berlin wrote on

    Many thanks for the really useful info. I am performing Search engine optimization for that German market, lots of ideas from your English market, I can work with it. Greetings from Germany

  11. german technical translation wrote on

    Don’t use complex words. This obviously depends on who you’re targeting. Long words can make people feel stupid.

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